5 Keys To Backpacking Light


So you think your pack weight is to heavy? Having trouble figuring out what you should or shouldn’t be carrying? I’m here to help. Follow these 5 keys to lightening your pack.

1. Lose The Extra Gear. Don’t carry stuff that you don’t use at least once a day. If you have stuff in your pack that doesn’t get used on a daily bases then it is just dead weight.

2. Sacrifice If you are really concerned with your pack weight ditch the luxury items, such as cameras, cell-phones, stoves (learn to make fire well)

3. Multi-Use While this may sound like a no brainer, a lot of gear companies out there these days have went towards the route of making everything multi-use.

4.Know the Area If you are going somewhere that you have been before leave the maps at home, stick to your route or close to it. Another good idea is to check the weather before you leave home, if its going to be sunny and warm then the rain gear and tent are not necessary.

5.Trial and Error  Everyone backpacks differently, so don’t get discouraged that your pack is not at a 5 lb base weight. Try different ways out and see what works best for you. Some ways may work well for you and may not for others. It took me a lot of research to find the right gear for me.


What Say You?

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