First Half Marathon to come

I am planning to run my first half marathon since 2007 in about 2 weeks. (

I have been running around 40-50 miles a week for the past few weeks. Working out the kinks that come with starting up running again. I went through some severe calf pains my first week and since then it has been smooth sailing. I have been running with a pack on to get use to it and have about 10lbs on my back. I am able to keep the same pace as if I didnt have a pack on. Im excited to see where this new found combination of my desires for physical performance take me. Although it has been dipping into the 20s here in Redmond, I still run to work, just a little more bundled up than usual. The hard thing that I have realized with winter and cold weather running is the temperature control. Either your too hot or too cold. If your to hot it is just a matter of time before you get cold from the wet sweat. If anyone has any advice for cold weather running gear I am all ears please shoot me an email. I am new to this whole cold weather running thing since where I grew up in the valley it rarely got in the 20s. 

This weekend I plan to summit something…anything! I have this uncontrollable need to feel the ice cold air atop a mountain. So no matter what i summit I will summit something this weekend and have a story to tell next week! 

What Say You?

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