Cold weather blues

The winter weather has set in here in central Oregon and I have found myself longing for spring already and the warm weather and colors that it brings. As fall rolled around I was excited for the winter seasons but now I’m realizing the cold weather can take a toll on the mind and body. What do you do to get over your weather blues? In the willamette valley where I grew up a common sight is rain falling from the skies at a rapid rate. The thought of being in the mountains and being surrounded by wildflowers, big trees, rushing rivers, and general nature fill my mind on the daily. I have come up with a plan for those who want to get over the weather blues.

Take for example nature. Nature needs rain, the rivers need snowmelt, the fish need the water, trees such as cedars need the harsh winter to improve their structure. Everything gets stronger with the harshness of weather. Therefore let the weather make you stronger. If its cold out go outside more and let your body adapt to the climate, if its rainy take an umbrella, if its snowy put on extra layers, and if winter is just not your style find something that you can do to make winter more enjoyable for yourself. I have found that life is what you make it, so today instead of driving to the coffee shop for a cup of joe, a friend and I decided to ride our bikes. It was icy, cold, but the sun was shining. It made for an exciting trip for something so simple.

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