My 2013 Bucket list

When it comes to goals in life I feel that if you don’t have any then your really not living. This is my bucket list for 2013. It is full of reachable goals that I plan to knock off one by one as the year goes on. What are your goals for the new year?

#1 Enter At Least One Photo Contest A Month
In 2013 my main focus will be on my photography career. Making it stronger, and by doing that I need to get my name out there more. I have come up with the idea to enter a photography contest a month. Putting myself out there will not only showcase my skills, it will also put my name into the industry.

#2 Shoot One Photo A Day
Lately I have not been shooting as much as I should, considering that my career path is going towards the photography, journalism, and tourism field. By shooting one photo a day I will increase my skills, boost my portfolio, and hopefully find a niche in the photography world. I will display my photos on my Flickr account in its own set.

#3 Hike Oregon
The beautiful state that I live in is full of some of the most amazing backpacking on the west coast. With the rugged coast, the cascades and all it’s volcanic glory, and also the places that I don’t even know about, Oregon is sure to show me some surprises that I didn’t even know were possible. I have planned to hike the rogue river trail, the Mackenzie river trail, and have planned a hike in the wollowa mts in the north east corner of the state. Those are just the start, but I’m sure that many more places will arise.

#4 Write An Article For A Travel Magazine
Whether the magazine is online or in a paper copy I want to write for one. One article or a series, it does not matter to me. I want to show my passion for photography and travel, as well as show my adventurous spirit.

#5 Shoot, Edit, And Produce A Short Film
I have never been much of a film maker but the thought of using my camera eye to shoot a beautiful artistic short film sounds like one hell of a challenge. I have some strong ideas for a film, but don’t want to reveal them until I have a trailer for the film made. Wish me luck on this new endeavor.

What are your adventure goals for 2013? Please share with me and maybe we can combine some of our goals to make some really fun and exciting times in 2013!


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