Traveling, but getting paid.

Getting paid to travel is often a dream of those with the same adventurous spirit as I have. Figuring this out is a hard task in itself.

Although it has been sunny in central Oregon it has been mighty cold. Temps often dipping into the single digits at night. The feeling of an ice age runs through my mind. Praying for the meltdown just as the animals in the real ice age were. The first week of January has been filled with contemplations. What’s in store for 2013? What can possibly be bigger and better than last year? Continental Divide Trail? On a Mt Bike or Hiking? Adventures? What do I want to see and photograph in 2013? All these questions running through my mind. My adventurous spirit lighting up for a new year. Although the traveling and hiking lifestyle are quite amazing they are also a very difficult life to lead. Having the desire to wake up everyday and walk or move to somewhere new is quite the task, and a lot to wrap your head around. Taking that into account and also the whole not working while traveling is another thing to juggle. How does one go about traveling all the time and still afford it? Becoming a travel journalist and photographer are as good of ideas that I could come up with. What do you do to compensate traveling with normal societal life? Anyone out there travel and work at the same time ? Wat sorts of jobs are out there that involve traveling a lot? I’d rather not work for the circus. Cheers to everyone for the new year, make 13 great!

2 thoughts on “Traveling, but getting paid.

  1. Hello, AdventureCrow. Have you considered Peace Corps? If you want a government job, there is always the Foreign Service ( or USAID. <3

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