The Outdoors & Music

… Music is an art form, just like photography, just like painting, and just like every other form of art out there. Not all people like certain art forms. I found myself not a fan of rock music and fell straight into that category of under appreciation.

Trying new things has been a good goal of mine for 2013, so I gave it a shot. Pandora helped me with that. I thought back to when I was younger and was somewhat into that genre of musical talent. I thought back to Blindside, to Sum41, to Falling Up (a local Christian rock band based in Albany, or), I thought back to all of these.

Suddenly their tunes were flowin through my ear canal with beats, tones, and sounds that once filled the very same ears. The piercings a bit larger and I started to realize what was happening here. I was getting a sort of rush off the music. It made me feel good almost like a high.

….as is sat listening to music this daydream came upon me….

This high happened a lot while I was hiking the PCT. I would put on my goto song when I was getting ready to charge a good climb. The high would elevate my body into an almost hyper active state. I remember a day in the desolation wilderness. Coming upto the last point on the entire pacific. I put my goto song.

I was literally running uphill at 7500 ft or so when ranger dillweed decided he needed to see my permit! He was astonished that I was running uphill at that elevation. I told him that I just had some good tunes going and it propelled me up the mountain. He cut me loose and off I went blaring the tunes that got me pumped.

In the morning times I would listen to something a little bit slower, vibes of birds chirping, feet going down the trail, sunlight beaming through the trees, and your hiking partner rambling about something totally off the wall. One morning I was hiking with Christian, and Brandon. I decided that I would teach Christian how an engine works. That morning was filled with the music of car terms being flung around the Forrest. The climbs full of questions as the music became more clear on how the engine in his Honda civic worked.

The tunes we listen to give us all different feelings, but are they not all feelings?

I challenge you this week to try a new genre of music. You never know the memories and day dreams it might bring…

What Say You?

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