Chapter 1: The Discovery

Working towards writing some things down. For some weird reason I can go back to a lot of what happened on the trail. I would like to write a book at some point in my life so figured why not start with something here. I don’t nearly type enough anymore. So here it goes. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Discovery

Some say walking is easy, some day it’s hard. To me it’s natural. It’s what my ancestors have done before me. They walked in great distances. So then I have and probably will continue to keep the traditions alive as long as possible. Ever since the dawning of time, man set out on foot on great migrations. This is what happened on a great migration of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The feeling of a stomach full of pizza mixed with raw adrenaline. Little did I know, that was the last feeling in my past life. It all changed in June of 2011. It was a normal overcast afternoon in downtown Salem, Oregon. The concrete of a skatepark and handlebar took my spleen that day. Switching from riding bikes to hiking was a pretty easy transition. At the time I was a complete novice backpacker. Packing a huge heavy pack, and lots of unnecessary items. Hiking 5 miles in one day was incredibly difficult. I started going out as a weekend warrior for the majority of 2011. The longest trip I did was a two night trip in the Cascades. In the midst of a rainy winter in Salem, I stumbled upon some maps of the cascades. Instantly a red dotted line caught my attention.
What was this trail 2000? Why did this one trail go from one side of the map all the way to the other but not seem to have a trailhead on either end. Where did it go? Looking closer I read for the first time…Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. At that moment in time I was lost. I quickly searched my belongings and found a map of the next ranger district north. There it was again trail 2000! Soon I was grabbing every map I could figuring this out.

Eventually google overtook me and there it was. Little did I know that it would be such an addiction.


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