Chapter 3: the first steps

Chapter 3:

The first day of the Pacific Crest trail was a shock. The strength it required to lug all the gear I was carrying was unbearable. I was carrying way to much stuff. I had the gear I needed for the Sierra Nevada’s with me already because I was so inexperienced with the trail that I didn’t know about mail drops or anything. The first day I hiked 15 miles to Housier creek, a well known stopping point for the first day. Another five miles was Lake Morena which was my goal for the day but didn’t make it due to the heavy pack.
The next day I got to the lake around noon, greeted by a woman with a hug. This woman was kinda looney but awesome. She instantly told me where to put my tent and where to grab a beer. She was more ecstatic about my hiking than I was. She tells me that she is a “Trail Angel.” Which at first made absolutely no sense, until she explained that her house known as Casa De Luna was at mile 454. Before the trail I was very into Chevy trucks and motors, so 454 was easy to remember because it is the big block of the Chevy world. The remainder of the day was spent with fellow hikers drinking beers and telling our stories of why we are out on the PCT. The next few days proved to be some of the hardest days I have ever spent on the trail. With the constant hilly terrain, and sweating feet causing blisters due to hiking in gortex shoes. It seemed as though it was uphill to Canada.
The first town stop of the pct is a mere 52 miles from the Mexican border. By this time I had came up with a plan of how to lighten up my pack and ditch some of the crap that I was carrying. I ended up ditching a lot of unnecessary food items, and things such as a frisbee, hatchet and fishing pole. …

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