Back to the road

End of June. Fed up with the unreliable little honda elite, I switch my focus back to a bike. I find a motobecane le champion on Craigslist and end up purchasing her. That day I went out for my first ride. Wearing a yellow icebreaker jersey. Merino wool actually does pretty great in the heat. I did ten ddrmiles from aumsville to Salem. I went into town to bike peddler to pick up a rrereree deeersmall pump and a spare tube, just in case I got a flat. I also went with some new bar tape in blue to match the bike. Looked at a few helmets, and really kicking myself for selling my giro atmos helmet. I might have to splurge and just buy it again. For now I’m riding in my bern Brentwood mt bike helmet. It kinda looks goofy, and is extremely hot and doesn’t fit well. I figure any helmet is better than no helmet at all. I’m also wearing my Columbia endura 35 liter pack filled with my backpacking gear. I have considered the option of adding a touring rack to the back but hesitant for the extra weight.

Miles 10



What Say You?

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