A few minor errors

Left work at 9:00 Saturday night on a ten mile time trial. My goal was 25 minutes. I had drank a few cups of coffee at work just to get a bit of a buzz on before heading out. I left Woodburn and started cranking out the miles. I had some tunes blasting from the iPod and I was excited to be back on a road bike. It had reminded me of my first road bike and the places I use to go with it. It also reminded me of cycling to Chico last year on my fixed gear. I haven’t been on a road bike in probably a year so this being the second ride I was really amped up for it. At about mile two I grabbed my bottle and took a refreshing drink of water, when I went to put the bottle back in the cage I dropped it straight onto the road. I slammed on the brakes and went back for my water bottle. The rest of the ride went fairly smoothly. Until it got dark. I had my headlamp strapped to my helmet, and went to look down at my feet. The headlamp came off and I was stuck in the dark slamming on the brakes. I went back and retrieved my black diamond revolt headlamp. I came to the conclusion that every ride I will probably learn something new. This one, get a light that attaches to the bike and at least one other tail light. My final time ended up being 37:00 for 10 miles.

Miles 10 –37:00
Total 20

What Say You?

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