Bikes and beers

Last week I decided to go riding in Portland with a buddy of mine. We didn’t have a destination a plan or any of that. Just the desire to adventure on my bike. As soon as I got to Portland I realized that the riding was very different from country riding. It was fast paced, noisy, hustle and bustle. I had to constantly be paying attention to avoid cars and actually stay alive. Dodging cars I managed to find myself behind a pitcher of beer from lucky lab brewery. I had a delightful stomach full of beer and a great pulled pork sandwich. Not to mention great company.

After leaving lucky lab I wandered downtown to meet up with a friend. We then rode bikes around for a few hours before meeting up with another friend at burnside brewery. The evening finished with. Ride out to troutdale and a good bowl with buddies. Overall a great experience and a really fun day on my bike.





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