Pct week

The week of August 13th through the 16th I took a week off from work and traveled a bit on the pacific crest trail. I went with Sheldon “good times” whom I did a lot of hiking with on the pct in 2012. We arrived at ollalie lake pretty well into the evening about 8 pm. Our entire goal was to be a few trail wizards with some beer, wine, whiskey and weed. We ended up finding some hikers around the lake. As we approached I got excited. I remember the feeling of trail magic. It was quite amazing. I introduced myself to about 5 stinky people. Upon asking if they would like to party they all declined.

As good times and I looked at each other with a look of what the fuck it dawned to us…. We were at the front of the pack of hikers. Up with the goodie goodies of the trail. Those whose life goal has been to hike the pct. very boring pct hikers if you ask me. So we set off and found a campsite for the night. The next morning we awoke and started our trek into the mt Jefferson wilderness. Making 12 miles by noon was cake. We were in shock and decided that we should just go for it. By the end of the day we had covered 30 miles and were on the south side of mt Jefferson. The entire day I looked at mt Jefferson. Studied its faces and thought of an attempt on it. Which I will do next year. The evening got even better when a lone Frenchman walked up and asked to camp with us. He was walking southbound from Canada. Good times and I have talked numerous times about an attempt at a southbound hike. Which the next day would prove to be a great indication of things to come on a southbound trip.

The next morning we arose and started walking. By the time it was lunch time I was staring at the north face of three finger jack! Which is incredible going south bound. Northbound you barely stare at it. It really turned me onto the idea of a southbound hike. We continued past santiam pass and onto big lake for the evening. We camped next to the lake and relaxed. The next morning we hiked to mckenzie pass where our buddy Larry was to meet us. There is nothing better than a good cold beer after a few days in the woods!









3 thoughts on “Pct week

  1. My daughter and I were hiking on the Pacific crest trail last August when we saw your notes… I took pictures of them and then found the beer ( still cold) in the bushes.. hehe.. it was funny to us and peculiar that someone would randomly leave messages for anyone to find, kind of like message in a bottle… Unfortunately we were ending our trip and anxious to head back, but would have loved to have hiked into the lake. I liked how you met a Frenchman up there… since we recently returned from France it’s interesting with all the European beauty, such as Castles and quaint towns to travel through that one of their countrymen would be hiking in our state of Oregon… Life is a great journey.. Thanks for the smiles! It was interesting to find your blog here, if I hadn’t taken a photo of your message card, I would have never found it. Happy Trails! :)

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