1500 miles and a 266$ ticket on my bike

As the first of the month rolled around I took a look at my computer on my bike. At the end of July I was at a total of 766 miles in that month. I bought my motobecane le champion July 1st. It’s now September and I have a grand total of 1540. Which makes my average 770 miles a month on my bike.

A few days back I went to pita pit in downtown Salem, Oregon. As I left I jumped on my bike with a pita in my hand. There was nowhere to sit at the pita pit so I decided to hop on my bike and roll a few blocks up to the state capital building. As I came to a red light with not a single car to be seen I slowly rolled through the light. As I started to veer to the other side of the street I glanced over my right shoulder to check for traffic. As I turned my head I was met with police lights. The cop was pulling me over. I got off my bike laughing, and asking him if he was for real. And sure enough a $266 ticket to my name on a bike for rolling through a stop sign with pita in my hand!



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