Rain rain it’s started

The rain has begun here in the northwest. Or should I say northwet! Keeping this section of the United States this green isn’t easy. It comes with a price. It usually costs about 9 months, and about 120 bucks in good rain gear.

Working at the gear shop in the winter makes it interesting. Sitting inside day dreaming of mountains to climb and places to travel. Not to mention that I’m still commuting on my bike. Yes even in the rain. Hell I’m still living in a tent. I recently picked up the marmot limelight 3 person 3 season tent. It’s a solid tent, a little bit on the heavy side for my liking (about 5 lbs). The weight is well worth the weather protection. I also just re nikwax’d all of my gear. My hard shell and softshells are ready for the winter months.

Lately though I have been considering the possibility of moving back to central Oregon. It doesn’t nearly rain so much and the weather is a lot nicer. It does though get fairly cold. For me the cold is better than the rain. My job out at altrec.com in Redmond starts around mid October to November so we will see what the next month or so holds here in the willamette valley before I make a decision on where to go next in life. I have decided though to travel again next spring. Whether it be a long trail, or something else. I am quite fond of the idea of a long distance bike tour. Time will only tell where the adventure of life will take this crow.


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