:) vs $ vs <3

Days go by, and still I try. Making a decision that could so vastly outcome the next few years of your life is substantially difficult. The consequences of a single action tug the fine thread of happiness and money. Options to depart in hopes of figuring out a life in the high desert or stick to my roots and battle the rain. To see mountains, to see valleys, to see snow, or to see rain. Questions battle and boggle my brain, what ifs, what if nots, and plenty of thoughts on both sides of the fence. Less money more happiness, more money less happiness. The questions we face day to day impact our every minute of our future. Let us never forget to live truly in the present, making the best of every single minute we graciously get. Fly by the seat of your pants, take risk and take chance. Outweighing decisive decisions and more dilemmas of happiness vs love vs money.

One thought on “:) vs $ vs <3

  1. It’s probably ok to work to gain money in a place of less happiness as long as an end is in sight and it will ease your transition to a place of more happiness where resources may be fewer.
    Life choices can be so harrowing. Maybe you can ask the universe or deity of choice for guidance, that way the burden of decision doesn’t just rest on your shoulders. You might feel the “rightness” of one course of action over another resonate inside you; when in doubt, go with the gut.

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