The struggle and the fight

Swindle me this, follow me here, find me there.

What makes where you are great? The positive outlook on life dies, and is reborn again, through self transformation, goal setting, mind bending, and often abstract anomalies. To further please the heart one must have something to look forward to. Whether that be a long awaited touch of a woman’s lips, a smooth hit of a joint, rambling adventures, or buying that new badass stove you always wanted.

Take a look deep. Into the passion pit that is our soul. Seems like a dying breed, passion is becoming a thing of the past. Once the passion is gone, what’s left in life? Going through the day by day motions and wasting away time, money, energy, and karma? Yes it is, but how can one be truly passionate about something or even someone once the “new” feeling has demised.

The dirt road that is my path of life has a trail junction, one leads up a windy narrow rainy trench of a mountain, although gold awaits the victor. While the other trail is winter-y and cold, yet, pleasing, the riches that await here are not of gold, but of happiness, wonder bliss, and adventure. Here I let goof the bars of life and am just going to let it happen and not really worry about it anymore.


Let us have a positive outlook on this Friday, whether you be in a great situation or one that you completely dislike, make the best of this life, you got one to live, and on that note it’s time to drink some fuckin beer!


What Say You?

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