My One True Love

The simplest of activities, done by individuals for generations and generations.
Nothing but a goal of reaching the highest point.
Vast obstacles, snow, crevasses, cold, wind, rain, ice, rock, cold again, frostbite, mental battles combined with the physical body pains, and finally victory!
20130915-233744.jpgMather Pass, California 2011

All of these come together in this sport, that started some 2000 years ago when the emperor of Rome, Hadrian, ascended Etna in the year 121! Etna just a mere hill compared to todays standards, stands in at 10,900 in Sicily, Italy. But as you can imagine in the year 121 there were not the technological gear advances that we are lucky enough to have these days.

20130915-233830.jpgMuir Pass, California 2011

Have you accomplished any of the greatest peaks in the world? I have number 81 in the bag ;)
peaks of prominence

This is the sport unto which I have so ultimately fell in love with. I hope to bag some major peaks in my own backyard, both during winter, and during spring. Starting with the major peaks of the cascades and hoping to move onto others within the year. Most of these peaks I will be soloing, so I will be purchasing an avalanche beacon, for safety, and ultimately for my mom. The thrill of actually having a goal entices me to be happier, to get the gear I need and to have a goal to focus on. I have switched from trail runners to mountaineering boots. From down to merino wool. From a small pack to a huge pack. Crampons, ice axe and a huge 3 person tent. Getting ready for this wild ride that I call my life.
20130915-234000.jpgLookout Mt, Central Oregon, 2012
20130915-234243.jpgBlack Butte, Oregon Cascades, 2013

20130915-234651.jpgMuir Pass, California 2012

20130915-234750.jpgForester Pass, California 2012

20130915-234903.jpg Mt Whitney, California 2012

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