nomadicly educated

The feeling of the open road, a long trail, a good hitch hiking experience, a new friend, a new sight, and the journey itself is what drives the wanderlust passion that burns so deeply into my soul. The winter season has given me vast opportunities for financial gain so that in the spring I may once again feed my soul the wanderlust nomadic life that it longs for.

How to survive winter, without totally going insane and leaving at the wrong time is something that has been a great struggle since I started traveling in 2011. Since then it has been 4 months here 4 months there, all the while constantly looking forward towards the next adventure. In 2012 I left to early on a cycling trip down the east side of the cascades and into the sierra’s. I ran into vast snow covered passes through the siskyous. This is something that I want to learn. A friend tells me the other day that you can think you have conquered something, such as patience, then at the most random time you will feel the impatient feeling, it would creep back. I have been trying to learn patience for a very long time, it’s one of those things that I don’t think a single human out there completely has control of. I have came up with a few different things for this winter to keep me occupied and learning this winter. I hate the stagnant feeling, the feeling of being in one spot and feeling like you are not doing something on a daily basis to better your life. Yes working can better your life through money, but I’m talking learning something new bettering the mind, or the body. Working out, conditioning and yoga are my ideas for a winter body transformation. As far as the mind goes, a second language refreshed, and native plant medicines are what I will be studying this winter.

I look at people going to college and going for a degree, and paying extreme amounts of money for something that all they do is complain about school and how much it sucks. Why do we put ourselves through something that we are not passionate about. For example, I have never taken a photography class in my life but I have taken some amazing photography. So go out and learn educate yourself and don’t be stagnant this winter. Drink coffee read books and get ready for spring traveling are my plans. What are yours?

What Say You?

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