The effects one soul has on another has increasingly intrigued me lately. One can either lift or drag another. Bring highs and lows. Alter destiny’s, create alternate dimensions, and even transform body’s. One word can make or break someones future. To show negativity is no longer an emotion.

The thought that saying something negative to someone could impact a decision in their life and making them go down a different path, is something very complex to wrap the brain around. Going through the everyday life of a Merino wool clothing salesmen I see this a lot.

From people on public transit (I’m a hippie that sold my car 4 years ago to reduce my carbon footprint), or people I run into at the mall. I can feel energy from people in a way that I can’t even begin to explain. Ever since my splenectomy, an unexplainable sense of my surroundings has overtaken my body.

I came into a great connection with this sense when I stayed at the lotus Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah in 2012. I had started learning to use my mind in ways I had never experienced. To control my body with great precision and accuracy. Turning off the feelings of pain and weakness. Noticing small things, emotions, body posture, muscle strengths, all these abilities that were previously unknown.

One decision effected by another affected by love effected by money. An open road is all I long for, to please others I try so hard. Pleasing oneself in pleasing others. Putting another life before your own. Taken is a chance to roam, any chance. Hoping to have that option eventually. A compass that doesn’t point north is my only guide. Freedom, like the American people surely don’t know. A dream, set forth through hardwork , determination, and a disease. Not knowing when the last breath will be breathed should light a fire. A fire for travel, for wander, for adventure, for life.

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