Out of bounds

Precautionary thoughts of harm and danger tend to keep a lot of people out of the wild. Influenced by medias interpretation of what the wild is. They make it seem dangerous, scary, and inevitably deadly.

In some ways I thank the media for making it seem this way and in other ways I don’t. The scarier they make it seem the less people will be out in it.  Although a less crowded forest is a wonderful thought but at the same time its also a very selfish thought. Why try and keep something to ourselves that we have found so wonderful to be? Its a balancing act between accessibility and certainly scenery. The more accessible something amazing the more people are likely to go.

One thing that has been really firing me up for a few years, is the book wild. Now Reese Witherspoon  will attempt to ruin the pct by acting as the “wild” woman. Bringing attention to an already growing trail unto which more people is not necessary. I expect the amount of novice hikers to rise with the release of the film along with the amount of rescues that are bound to come with the noobs. Just look at the slot canyon that was portrayed in the movie 127 hrs. The amount of rescues rose significantly with the release of the film. As bad as it sounds I really hope the film flops so that we don’t have a bunch of noobs getting rescued and prechance dieing on the trail.

4 thoughts on “Out of bounds

  1. I feel very much the same way. I’ve been planning a ’15 PCT thru-hike and have been worried what the impact of the film will have on the trail. Though while I think a lot of folks might watch the film and romanticize hiking it, I think the fact that it is a MASSIVE commitment (5-6 months of your life, plus a lot of meticulous planning and thousands of dollars of savings) will very likely deter the novice hikers. I guess time will tell.

    1. It does not take thousands of dollars, I did both of my thru hikes on starting with under 500 bucks in my pocket. Commitment is as much as you make it. If you live the travel lifestyle dropping something for six months is cake :) why plan? Just get to campo and walk no need to plan you have enough trail time to think. I didn’t carry maps, compass, not even a tent stove or watch. Do it Helen Keller style and you are sure to have a raw experience

  2. adruve

    I got asked the other day by one of my students what my favourite animal is; SHARKS. I like them because it keeps people out of the water, less likely to destroy the place (I hope). You just need to get out and enjoy the bush going deeper each time (with in your limits). The more I do the less I realise I need. Water is the main thing you need to carry here in Australia.

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