Remembering patience

Go go go…

Is that all this world ever seems to be saying to me. So fast so in charge yet so slow. I have been battling patience again lately. Wanting wishing and waiting for a few different things. New relationships come and go. Although a few have stuck by my side even though they are states and even countries away. Lately I have been considering the possibilities of spring travel, hiking, biking, or something. I feel I don’t have a solid goal. Being patient about one is hard for me to grasp. I constantly want to already be there. Waiting for the right woman to waltz into my life and show me that not all are the same, that friendship can be as good as a relationship. Recently I came to the conclusion a test if you will. One song to sing, one melody and one sunset. Pass that sunset and your in, fail and you don’t see the sunrise. Certain qualities emerge, certain fade, regrets of giving up past relationships constantly come back to haunt me, constantly thinking what if. While I know this is reasonable, healthy, or anything, I find myself at peace thinking of the memories. One day I’ll have that again, until then I think patience and I will date. We will go places and do things, get stoned together, drink beers together, travel together, etc. until I have learned patience inside and out. Never to settle for next best but always best best! To keep a more reserved heart mind and outlook is something I always long for. To be mysterious. Mystical in appearance. More to let my feelings go on my blog rather than into the outside world. I long for longevity, patience, and gypsism. One day my goals will be no more than to make it to the next town to try and find a niche for my soul and a woman to grow old with. I am still a young man still getting to know my innerself. I am going to be turning 27 in a few days and I’m going to attempt to change my entire life within 90 days of turning 27. You will hear about it in the days to come when I plan out the details and goals. Until next time.



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