90 days of self transformation–body

What could you do with your life in 90 days??

What could you do with your body, mind, finances, friendships, relationships, attitude, karma, spirituality, and ultimately your future. Here is my attempt at changing what I know now into something better.

Starting with the body…. I’m. A very fit young man. Most of whom know me personally in real life would say the same. I have more endurance than most endurance athletes themselves. I have been known to walk 40 miles without stopping for a break, ride a bike for over 160 miles in a single day over mountain passes, and even run half marathons with no training.

So what could be wrong with this? I am a man with 2% body fat, weighing in at a whopping 130 lbs soaking wet. Dont get me wrong I have a fantastic body, I’m attractive, have every


muscle you could have, cut to precision. The only thing I lack is the upper body. I can lift and subsequently do whatever I want with my body easily but the thought of gaining 20 lbs of pure upper body muscle is something I have dreamed about for years. To not be looked at as that skinny guy at the merino wool store but that buff guy that fills a size small completely is my end goal. I started my workout routine yesterday, using my body weight as the weights for lifting. Although I only weigh in at a 130 I can easily do pushups, pullups, and dips. So then how does one get built without paying for a gym membership??! Join me in this non gym quest for muscle.

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