Coastal Rainforest Adventure Part 1

Well as my 27th birthday rolled in I decided to take an adventure to the coast. I had only been here once this summer and now was back for more. Although this time I was completely on my own with my bike and my camping gear.

To start the adventure out I jumped on a bus headed to the middle of the coast range. I landed at spirit mountain casino and proceeded to follow the little nestucca river to highway 101 and the Oregon coast scenic bike route. I had thought of how cool it would be to ride part of the route north.

My first stop was pacific city. A quaint little coastal town, an apparent surf destination for those brave enough to battle the bitter cold of the Pacific. Next to pelican brewing company I took a break for an hour or so. Even after the hour was up it was still 1130am. The next days would prove me wrong in my thoughts of coastal riding, as I thought it would be a nice easy relaxing ride. Boy was I wrong. The oregon coast is rugged full up cliffs and capes. My first big climb was cape lookout. A good 1200 ft climb over 3 miles. Through fog I felt as though I were climbing through a cloud but with magnificent forests on either side. Over the next 48 hrs  this would prove to be the norm.



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