Coastal Rainforest Adventure Part 2

Once I arrived at cape lookout state park, I set up my tent and locked up my bike. I decided that I would go out for a walk on the beach. When I was in my early 20s I was on this exact same beach and I ran across a bunch of washed up stuff from Japan and China! So I set this as my goal find something from china. Before long I had my camera out and was snapping photos of everything from jelly fish to seashells.



Keeping my eyes peeled for that foreign treasure. I knew I was getting to a hot spot when I came across a large amount of rope from the sea wrapped around a tree that was half buried into the beach sand. What happened next only a picture can describe.


I swung on this ocean front redneck swing for a good half an hour before continuing on my voyage. Not to much farther ahead I started running into a few more ropes and random sea debris. Then I stumbled across it. TREASURE!!!!


Reminding us to always be happy!!! Double happy!! After this lucky find what could go wrong. The 23rd had just begun though. What happens next is beyond something someone could come up with…


What Say You?

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