Coastal Rainforest Adventure Part 3

After the double happy swinging sand dollar finding beach walk I decided that I needed something to eat. What did I bring with me? Just some instant mash potatoes, or rice for dinner. Don’t get me wrong that shit has kept me alive traveling. This was not fit for a birthday dinner. So what do I do? Consult the local park ranger. I asked him where to grab a beer close to the campground. You can see my true intentions…. He says well the town of Netarts is right down the road? About 6 miles. I said to him in a proud manner… I’ll be there in twenty minutes or less! ! !

I quickly jumped on my bike and rode to town hoping to find just a good dinner. I arrived on a boat dock with an odd shaped roof building. So I decided to go in I was greeted by a gorgeous brunette telling me to sit wherever I’d like. So I chose a random booth and a guy comes up. Super chill surfer dude. Says what’s up man what can I get ya. I instantly thought burger and a beer. As he brought me a beer he asked what I was doing and what not he then tells me my beer is on the house cause it was the owners birthday as well. As I finished my burger and beer I decided to have another beer and was talking to the server about the world series and he said well its on in the bar that’s connected to this place. So I took my beer over there and started watching the game. The bar was filled with local folks and I felt like the only outsider. I struck up a conversation with a local kayak guide about how unsafe and sketchy the oregon coast bike route was. He was saying how the summers is a constant battle between motorists and cyclists. After watching what seemed like a game from the sand lot, a couple came in and there were no two seats right next to each other so I decided to move a seat over and as I was moving my backpack and bike helmet the couple asked me what I was doing. So I spilled the beans and told them about my travel addictions, thoughts of new Zealand travels and such. After a few beers they offered me a ride back to the campground. They also invited me back for breakfast at their bay front house. They reminded me of myself. Traveling south in the winter to Tuscan Arizona and coming to the Northwest with the warm weather.

The next morning I woke up around 8 am went for a long walk on the beach before going to breakfast. I found the couples house easily even though I had gotten the house numbers mixed up. I was greeted by the two and a brother. Before leaving from breakfast I had found out that we were very much alike. We liked festivals hippie festivals at that. Raggae on the river and country fair came up in conversation along with jim at crystal power and light in Salem. We continued to share wild travel stories for much of the morning. Before I left though I was offered a puff of herb. Which I was completely not expecting but gladly said yes. After a good breakfast and puff I was ready for the day.

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