Adventure style

How do you adventure? What do you take? How do you get there? What do you do once your there? Is there beer and bud involved? Significant other or a group of friends? Tent or tarp? Bike or hike?

These questions asked and answered weekly. I can give them the Merino gear they need and more times then not usually point them in the right direction towards gear that we don’t sell. I’m a hardcore gear junky. From tents to jackets and base layers. You name it I have it or at least have it on my list. Other than that I tell people Nike hit it on the head.

“Just do it.”

The more one travels, the more one adventures, and the more experience one gains through these travels and adventures will lead one to being able to answer these questions on ones own.

Everyone has their own style you find yours through experience mine is completely my own. There are little Knicks and knacks that I do that others don’t. For example my pack has to my light, small, and green.

What Say You?

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