The new page turned over

When you go through everyday life thinking that you’re going to be in one spot for a long time. Then the next moment, out of nowhere your whole world is flipped upside down. what do you do when this happens.

For me a turning point came today. As I was making pancakes for breakfast, I got a phone call from work. Usually my work never called me on my days off so I thought this was rather strange. Next thing I knew I was unemployed. The complete shock of realizing but I have no source of income now.  for what reason might you ask? You’re not the only one asking that question. I’m asking the same one myself. What did I do wrong here? Why do they not want me to stay? They themselves would not answer that question.

In Oregon there’s a law that makes some employers at will employers. Icebreaker was one of those companies. The woman that fired me on the other hand though I had never met my entire life. How can she be the one to judge me based on my performance. How could she be the one to tell me that my work wasnt good enough??

NetBank brings me back to recent post of brings me back to recent post of mine. Where I talked about how you should do things for yourself. Look after yourself and only yourself. those friends that you make at work might be the ones to throw you under the bus in the end. As I consider them friends and even close family I soon realized that they are out to get me just as much as my enemies.

For an outdoor company icebreaker merino wool was one that I thought would have more respect and more class to not fire someone over the telephone. And I figured they would have a lot more class to tell me what I actually did wrong. In the end I’m happy to be free once again.

What Say You?

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