Making a list

With my recent jump back into the job hunting world I have come to realize a few things. The first one of them being that the corporate world that we live in sucks. What happen to the mom and pop stores the ones that never have what your looking for but could always end up selling you something really cool that was built with love and passion.
Second of all when you don’t have a job my motivation dropped drastically. I became, for a short few days, a hermit. A slave to the sleep and the rest that I finally deserved. After two days it got to me. So I got motivated. I thought of what can I do to make sure I’m advancing everyday.

The list was born. This list became something to live by. There can be anything on your list from go for a walk, to draw a picture. Anything that gets you motivated. For example on my list I have things like taking a picture, to help me become a better photographer, and apply for jobs to get me to try at least to put in a few apps a day. This is crutial in personal development. I look at life as an RPG game. I am on this crazy quest called life. So what do I do? I up my skills, learn new ones and increase my strengths. Learn as much as you can while you have any spare moment of time.

What Say You?

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