Travelers vs white picket fence

Does living the life of a traveler mean you are different from others?

I in fact believe this to the fullest extent. I feel that those living a normal everyday white picket fence fantasy, often look towards people like myself for inspiration, thought, and vicariously living. Those stuck in those father mother roles, should not be afraid to take their kids into the wilderness for example. Don’t ever let having a child keep you from traveling especially into the back country. I was brought up in an outdoorsy home. Pops and I would go hunting or fishing a few times a year. While we never caught anything or shot anything it was the time spent with my father that stuck.

While living the travelers life does have its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. The road can be a lonely one, a stressful one, even a scary one. With the high amounts of adrenaline constantly flowing through my body, I have come to terms with the loneliness the road sometimes has brought me, its just the ups and downs of the road.

So in the end its a complete toss upto me as to which life is better. To each their own. Hike your own hike of life brothers and sisters. Live free and do what makes you happy.

What Say You?

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