Departure from society

Hawaii. Kinda like america just snatched that one up outta thin air. After losing my job in the beginning of December, I started to search frantically for work. Having very little luck so at the same time im hustling on the eBay world.

2014 for me is about taking control of everything. This is my life. One of the biggest things I hear all the time is do it while your young. “Travel adventure live life!” Larry, a good friend of mine says. While your young, you have this weird sense of direction. Some of us have no direction. Myself for example. One thing I realize, probably weekly, even daily, I’m 27 years old, no career, no job currently, no wife, no kids, and no career ideas. I take the punches as they come, dodge bullets when necessary and throw the punches when the enemy is vulnerable. 

Where this crow is going who knows. But one thing I do know. I’m searching for my gypsy wife, to travel to love, to sustain the world. I will begin in Maui, Hawaii. I will be a migrant farm worker on an organic fruit farm. Helping the local grower in exchange for food and housing. A great deal if you ask me. My contract is for one month. Where I will go after that only time will tell. 2014… Bring it on. 

What Say You?

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