Drama. Unnecessary rants and raves of bullshit that take place in the world. Born from gossip, assumptions, deception, lies, and betrayal.

Why must this negative energy exist?

Balance. Good energy wouldn’t be as delightfully fluffy and energetically poetic without the presence of dark energy.  Ever get that feeling of dark energy when a person walks in a room. Then twenty seconds later someone with booming positivity comes in.  The overall energy somewhat balances out, although I tend to lean more towards the positivities overtaking the negative ones. When a positive statement is made just after a negative one, for example, usually the person instantly forgets about the negativity that just happened as the positivity flows throughout the room. A real goal of mine in 2014 is positivity. If I’m not within seconds to death, I’m going to be positive. Even if I am seconds from death I think I will still be positive. I live a great life and love all of those who are in it. Cheers to 2014.

What Say You?

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