Get lost

Wandering around a sage Forrest with the occasional juniper tree here and there. The darkness so thick I can barely see my shoes. Cell phone completely dead, headlamp lighter and everything left behind. A situation gotten into somehow and unknown. The car within a few miles but with endless desert road crisscrossing like brain waves. Follow one to the middle of a flat desert to a dead end.

What the fuck I ask myself, being an outdoorsy individual you would think hey bring some survival gear. Nope. Thought oh ill be okay. Well the trail we took led us to somewhere unknown. As darkness started to come upon us I started relying on my GPS on my phone. With the battery quickly fading I got a sight on where I should be headed.  Towards the warm glow of the city of Bend. After a few hours of utter confusion, I realized the car had a lock button on the remote. So we started frantically pushing the button. Nothing not a sound. As I was wondering down a road a tall sign posted in the direction we should go. Half mile away but towards where we came from. We were very confused now. We headed back the other direction. Pushing the button all the time. Little did we realize that we were pushing the wrong button the entire time. It was to dark to see the buttons. Rescued. Beers were drank and bowls were smoked in thanks of survival.

Lesson learned… always carry at least a lighter. That way if you get lost at least you can stay warm or make a signal if need be.


What Say You?

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