Normal frustrations prove humanity is human.

Get frustrated lately? Hell me to all the Damn time. I’m better off doing things for myself and on my own because I feel at least that way its done the way I want. A lot of people get frustrated at the way people do things, which way they go etc. When  it comes to frustration it genuinely makes me feel alive. That rush of rage and sudden change in heart rate lets me know my body is working right. How one deals with this impulse is what makes every person different. You may deal with frustrations in a mental fashion, beating yourself up for mistakes and mentally abusing your frustrations. Another way is physically, whether it be in a sport or just chuckin something.

But in the end we need to embrace the frustrations of the world with an open mind because as Daft Punk always sang what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

What Say You?

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