A new route for adventurecrow

Hello to all whom cross paths with my little blog here. While the past few months, looking back on the blog, unto which I have not even posted on since last august, sometimes we just lose inspiration to post? Or just get caught up in life. Although this may be the case or the fact that sometimes I just have freaking bad writers block. Lately however the words have been flowing, an autobiography so to speak has a forthcoming in the distant years. While not exactly an autobiography as much as just a travel story, an adventure. I ride so to speak, the one that took me two years to accomplish, another book to come that has more to do with a guide to the pct than anything. Don’t worry not as boring as yogi’s pct guide book. This guide book you won’t want to put down. Trust me. Look for more to come…its all about the party!

So in closing I’d like to announce that my site will be getting a new look and will become more of a market place for hippie and one of a kind adventure goods, I have a few friends that are also going to be contributing to the project. The whole goal is adventure in everything. Cheers to the new direction and motivation. Since I can’t get out and adventure to much I figured I’d start selling things to promote my creativity and adventurous spirit…

Also the adventuring hasn’t stopped it has just been more sporadic, my current daily adventure takes place in the hustle and bustle of a hollow metal door shop, shipping receiving, and helping in any way I possibly can. Come September I will be hiking the high sierra route through the sierra nevada. I look forward to the new adventures that are going to be taking place. Stay tuned!

Marvel band saw, used to make custom door frames.

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