July….heat, tahoe, and the little chipmunk

As I dig deep into my treasure chest of last summers Adventures I take it all way back to July. It was late July and we had a billion miles infront of us. From the capital of Oregon to South Lake Tahoe.

Adventuring we would go. . .

We departed solame around noon that sunny oregon THURSDAY. Our goal was to make it nonstop to Lake Tahoe. Like any good adventure, we packed plenty of good snacks. We made our way down the i5 corridor to northern California.


Our first mission…. in n out.. for an Oregonian this was a California must. Oregon has zero of these awesome fast food restaurants. Secret menu and all. After we had our fix of California fast food we continued south. Our trip was estimated to take 10 hrs, and so far we were on track to make it there by then….

Finally hwy 50, and what perused was a giant curveball, the road ahead was closed! An alternate that led us 3 hrs out and around to get us to South Lake Tahoe.  By the time we finally got to our designation it had take 13 hrs of driving. We were beat and instantly hit the hay. The next few days consisted of me losing at mini golf, plenty of wandering around the town, and a bit of shopping. The last day of our vacation consisted of hiking at a local bay. The granite was towering over us, the sun was hot, and even the chipmunks wanted to play. We literally just sat and watched as the little guy came up to us.




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