August… climbing…mountaineering…and running

August was a hot month for me,  in the terms of adventure, love, and of course the summer heat. By this time Haley and I are fully stocked with climbing gear. Our first climbing session together took place at the sisters boulders.

Many of the routes here are only 40-50 ft tall and most of the routes can be reached by climbing the backside of the rock to the top. The tops of the 50 or so ft boulders have a lot of anchoring points for a number of different route possibilities. Top roping is the name of the game out at the boulders, unless you are bouldering of course….
We spent nearly every weekend in August and the first two of september. We would spend our Saturday climbing, then that evening hike into the three sisters wilderness for the night. Hiking and exploring the areas around green lakes and lake moraine. We attempted the south sister a few times as well, both of which we did not make to the top. We realize that living in the valley of Oregon at 200 ft of elevation and trying to climb a 10,200ft mountain can take quite the toll on your body if you aren’t use to the elevation. With more training we will get it next year.



Also in August I decided to run the bush park cross country series, which includes 4 races every Thursday in august. I ran the 5k each Thursday.

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