Don’t regret past adventures gone wrong.

Have you ever had something in life go absolutely haywire. Evn years later you are regretting your decision to go on that adventure in life. By now if you haven’t understood my blog is about every adventure in life. Life is an adventure in itself, you can have things in life go absolutely bonkers sometimes.. lately I have been trying to cope with a decision in my early adult life that still haunts me today. With no immediate way out, the road to freedom seems like climbing mountains. The  adventures we chose at that time, ultimately choose our future and what we can or cannot do.
Some people might regret buying a house roof leaks during the first, or leaving a partner behind on a mountain when you needed to save yourself. You might have went to college and overpaid for your education, or may have went somewhere you were not suppose to.  Those adventures we aren’t so proud or fond of make us who we are and the best thing we can do is learn from those and move forward.


If you backpack into a rain storm, with only a tshirt, and get completely sick. You head out on your next hike. It starts to rain, you get out your rain jacket, why? Becauseyou learned from your bad adventure that this helps your life. Just a few encouraging words passing through my mind as I was walking through what seemed a tropical storm today in oregon.


What Say You?

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