Alpine Saturday

A cold and blustery day on the mountain Saturday, all a training hike for the next spring. A high of 30 and a low of what seems like death temps, Jackson and I decided to hike up whetstone mountain in the Opal Creek Wilderness. Neither of us having been UP this trail before, we ventured out at approximately 2 in the afternoon armed with nothing more than 2 liters of water in my camelback and a bag of trail mix, whetstone mountain and I were about to battle it out.

After and hour of what seemed like you were just walking through a wooded uphill treadmill we decided to call it a hike. Not having seen a good view and no real peaks, we chalked it up to a good walk in the woods. A training hike. A good lesson. Like 650 fill down jackets no matter if it is 30° out still keep you plenty warm while walking. I also tested out the Solomon gtx mids for the first time yesterday and will be doing a review shortly for those as well as my 650 Uniqlo down jacket.Keep on the lookout for those.

What Say You?

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