2016 where the adventure is headed

It’s been a few years since I have been on a really wild, crazy, and just plain nuts feats in the outdoor world. From hiking the then unpopular pacific crest to road cycling just about anywhere in the state, I have been known to do some random stuff.

So what does this year stand for?

2016 the year of the self discovery, potentials, goals, and general broad growth in all aspects of my life.

Self discovery- figuring out the exact career, financial, and social needs. To get any of the below done I REALIZED that I have to know what I want.

Potentials- do you think you are living at your fullest potential? Are you doing everything in your power everyday to the fullest 100% extent? We all strive for that but do we actually reach our potential? I vote negatory on that one. I know I dont, I know if I can hike the entire pct I can accomplish anything.

Goals- A local school councilor with a master’s in psychology was asked about goals, and with many proclamations they suggested short term goals as well as long term goals. One cannot have growth without goals to accomplish, without a goal we wonder aimlessly in a lost direction. Until recently I have has this feeling of lost. So I set some goals.

Main goal of 2016: Photography! Both in the digital format and also in the way of printing and hanging my art in as many places as I can possibly come up with.

Broad growth- I don’t know about you but I’m a curious mofo, for me I wanna build everything I can myself. I want to learn to make my own everything, it could be classified as homesteading. 2016 I wanna learn as much as I can but in a broad range of fields to help me become a better person.

I have no idea what got into me recently but it’s a burning fire that is going to erupt into something absolutely beautiful. So this year I challenge you to challenge yourself like I am challenging myself.

What Say You?

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