Skating 32 miles 

Last weekend I managed to get out and skate a 32 mile route from the town of Cottage Grove Oregon to Dorena Lake and beyond. We started skating around 10 am and finished the first 16 miles by noon. At that time I had already drank a six pack. Averaging 1 beer every two miles until the six pack ran out. By the time I made it the other 22 miles without beer and a lot of water and food I was completely sober.  Over all it was a successful and fun skate. 

Rifle, Colorado. Wow…

Being in the middle of the Colorado, It would be a packed weekend at Rile, Colorado, we managed to find a lot of 10s 11s and 12’s to try our hand at. I ended up focusing on all of the classic climbs in Rifle Canyon. I am not a huge fan of leading stuff onsight so I usually top rope climbs before I lead them. 

Today was a struggle bus on that end of the rope, as I felt like more times than not we were doing bolt to bolt climbing. Very bouldery, very overhung, roof climbing, many quick draws already in place. We ended up driving 20 hours to send 10 of the most amazing routes. One of them a nice 5.10c. The routes here in the lower grade are pretty polished 5.7-5.10ish. 

Longboard Racing in Bend Oregon


DSC_0465.jpgDSC_0444 (1).jpg

Hello to all out there in the fantastic world we live in! I have been out adventuring, hence the lack of blogging. Lately I have been doing a lot of working and a lot of long boarding on the side. Freelance photography has consumed me lately and the idea to only do that is ever growing.


A few weeks ago i had the privilege to race in the first ever Bend Beatdown 10k! It was a long boarding race in Bend, Oregon. The course was a pathway that led around a giant park, mostly flat which i was expecting a little bit of downhill.


Robert pictured above is my roommate and my biggest rival in the long boarding game. Together we have combined 8 or so longboards in our home.


The passion for skating over the last few years has really driven me to let loose with life. I use to have outlets in the craziest ways, now its come in the shape of a piece of wood with four wheels. Filming, and pushing myself past my limits and coming out of the gnarliest runs unscathed is a feeling that i can’t put into words.

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