Bamboo from seed


My first bamboo sprout. After a few times of trying to get these bamboo seeds to start I finally got one to go. Now hopefully the forest I planted In this little box takes off.

Gardening tip from the scarecrow.

Soak your seeds in water over night to insure a good germination. Hot moist and sunny location once sewn to soil.

Happy gardening

Adventures in automization

Weed has been legal in oregon for just over six months. While there are a lot of awesome things happening with me and cannabis, there was one thing that really bothered me about the process. Smoking cannabis with a lighter produces carcinogens similar to those in ciggarettes. While I have been consistently a daily smoker for a few year the idea of these carcinogens in my body completely scares the shit out of me. Now is butane inhalation worth the medicinal/mental effects that cannabis gives me. Clearly my answer is yes because I am still smoking with one. I have thought about quitting, I have thought about switching to a hemp wick, I have even thought of just smoking joints so that I’m not sparking a lighter everytime I wanna medicate.

So what does a crafty guy like me do? I build my own cannabis automizer out of bamboo, a rechargeable 9v battery, nickel plated wire and an actuator button. The process of automizing cannabis is not only safer but with the low heat produced you will actually receive more of the cannabanoids that relieve pain, according to local rasta folklore, cbd disappears at temperatures of a lighter. (Input needed)


The above is my bamboo specimen. The larger end will be the base while the skinny smaller one will be the mouthpiece intake. It will be removable to where you can pull it off load your dried herbs stick it back on and be merry.