Longboard Racing in Bend Oregon


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Hello to all out there in the fantastic world we live in! I have been out adventuring, hence the lack of blogging. Lately I have been doing a lot of working and a lot of long boarding on the side. Freelance photography has consumed me lately and the idea to only do that is ever growing.


A few weeks ago i had the privilege to race in the first ever Bend Beatdown 10k! It was a long boarding race in Bend, Oregon. The course was a pathway that led around a giant park, mostly flat which i was expecting a little bit of downhill.


Robert pictured above is my roommate and my biggest rival in the long boarding game. Together we have combined 8 or so longboards in our home.


The passion for skating over the last few years has really driven me to let loose with life. I use to have outlets in the craziest ways, now its come in the shape of a piece of wood with four wheels. Filming, and pushing myself past my limits and coming out of the gnarliest runs unscathed is a feeling that i can’t put into words.

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